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May 4 - June 4, 2021

What Is French Design Days?

Created and managed by Business France* (the Trade and Investment arm of the French Embassy), French Design Days is a 4-week long digital event aiming to connect French designers and manufacturers with North-American interior design professionals including interior designers, decorators and architects, but also multiline showrooms and manufacturers sales reps.


This year, for the second edition of the French Design Days, we hand-selected 10 French designers and manufacturers of exceptional furniture, lighting, floor coverings, hardware and textiles. These companies have contributed to multiple interior design projects in North America and internationally, and are eager to present their latest collections and unique expertise, and start long-term business relationships.

*Business France is not a Manufacturers Sales Rep nor an Importer-Distributor.

A curated selection of 10 French designers & manufacturers
The combination of French design and quality materials
Worldwide recognized traditional and contemporary craftsmanship
Well-established international client references
How Does It Work?



First, review each designer and manufacturer's profile on this website to learn more about their products and expertise, and check out their previous international projects.



After reviewing each company's profile, select the ones whose products and expertise best match your current and future projects.



Once your selection is made, contact Business France so we may arrange a 30min presentation video call. We will set up the call with each company selected, and assist as needed throughout the process.

Meet The Designers & Manufacturers
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Francois-Yves Auger

Senior Trade Advisor

Design, Furniture & Home Decor

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Patricia Chung

Senior Trade Advisor

Design, Furniture & Home Decor 

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