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The Brand

Cyria manufactures outdoor furniture for parks, streets and open-air environments. Creators Christophe Debrégeas and Caroline Saunier aim to share their exceptional aesthetic vision and sensory work by offering a unique and alternative worldview. They work with the best French designers in Aix-en-Provence (city in Southern France) to provide distinctive, innovative and high-quality solutions.


Their tables, benches, chairs, baskets, fountains, sunbathing decks, showers, etc. integrate seamlessly in urban environments, revealing its richness and restoring power to create public dialogue. Each of the furniture pieces produced is the result of a unique perspective, a vision of beauty inspired by both the imaginary and the city itself.


At Cyria, steel and wood are used to create original and attractive pieces that are strong, durable, and fully recyclable. Their customized designs are daring, expressive, and avant-garde.


High-End Materials

After extensive experimentation, they have chosen materials that perform best in challenging urban environments:

  • Corten steel, whose natural oxidation process results in a unique look

  • Stainless steel for its long-lasting and strong qualities, available in satin or a mirror polished finish

  • Powder coated steel with a wide range of customization options

  • High-quality wood from sustainable forests, a fine and warm material that evolves over time

Projects & Products

US-based project:

  • Market Terminal, Club Lounge, Terrace and Rooftop – Washington DC


International projects:

  • Project Duin & Kruidberg Country estate, Bulgaria

  • Reforma Buffet Lopesan resort, Malaga, Spain

  • Bujairi Terrace, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Troonstraat 100, Austria

  • Museum Nationale Bologna, Italia

  • Spaandsak, Norway

  • Neue Staat Bernau, Germany

  • Luxembourg Dudelange, Luxemburg 

  • Wien’s Stadt project, Austria

  • Hard Rock Hotel, Belgrad, Serbia

  • Ferrero HQ, Zug, Switzerland

  • Neue Project Tyrol, Austria

  • Géant Dumbea Shopping mall, Dumbea sur Mer, New Caledonia

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