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Founder & CEO - S2H Communication

Sarah Hamon founded S2H Communication in 2009, at the age of 29, with the ambition of being able to choose the subjects she wanted to get involved in, the clients who shared her passion for design, home decor and creation.   


Based in the United States since 2015, Sarah Hamon holds a Master's degree in Modern Literature (Sorbonne Paris-IV) and a Master's degree in Communication. During her academic studies - khâgne and Ecole Normale - she thought she was destined to be a teacher, until she decided to change direction and stop working solo. Communication and marketing offer her a field of discussions and reflection on culture and the values of her clients, as well as opportunities to meet people from very different backgrounds. Endowed with a precise sense of writing, and an international vision of communication techniques, Sarah Hamon has perfected her approach to media and influence through the development of the agency in the United States and on export markets.  


In charge of a prestigious awards ceremony in the luxury industry for several years, she discovered the world of design, and entered a creative agency as a communications manager before directing the global communications of the D'DAYS Festival, an ideal opportunity to launch her own agency.   


Today she is surrounded by an international, dynamic and committed team, in France and in the United States, for whom communication is always the expression of a particular appetite for creation in all its forms.