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A Paris-based artist and designer, Stéphanie Balini graduated from the prestigious Arts Decoratifs de Paris. Her studio SBALINI specializes in high-end residential and hospitality projects but has also launched its own luxury furniture collections, composed of lighting pieces, furniture, sculpture, and made-to-order pieces.

Through her firm Balini Associés Architecture, Stéphanie has collaborated on various avant-garde interior and product design projects for the likes of Moët & Hennessy, Baccarat, and several private residences in The Hamptons, Bangkok, London, Frankfurt, etc. 

Stéphanie always draws inspiration from her clients’ worlds before designing custom-made pieces. For Costes restaurants in Paris, the studio designed 4 oversized lamps entirely made in cast bronze (3x4m). For the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taiwan, an oversized pendant light was cast in bronze with a gold patina.

Some of Stéphanie Balini’s creations are currently available at the Liaigre’s Madison Avenue showroom in New York.


Authenticity & Craftsmanship

SBALINI's design is a refined style exemplified by the use of natural materials. The studio created a contemporary lighting collection with clean lines sculpted in the finest materials (cast bronze and traditional patina, hand-hammered brass, lacquered rare wood, etc). Collaborating with French craftsmen to apply their unique artisanal knowledge in the most demanding pieces, Stéphanie sculpts the plaster molds of certain pieces herself before they are cast in bronze. As a sign of authenticity, each design is ­­­­­stamped SBALINI.

Projects & Products

US-based projects:

  • Private residence - The Hamptons (Cluster pendant lights), New York

  • Residential project (Handcrafsted table lamps), New York  

  • Residential project (Wall lights in dark bronze and custom-made suspensions), New York  

  • Liaigre Showroom, Madison Avenue (Table lamp and suspension are currently in display), New York

International projects:

  • Hotel Costes***** (4 Oversized suspensions 10x13 ft and table lamps in cast bronze), Paris, France

  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel***** (Oversized lighting with 25 pendant lights in cast bronze - custom-made lightings and furniture in bronze and wood), Taipei, Taiwan

  • Private mansion (Sculpture in cast bronze 20 ft), Paris, France 

  • Private residence (Suspension in dark handmade patina), London, UK 

  • Private residence (Custom-made suspension in white bronze), Bangkok, Thailand

  • Baccarat (8 Crystal glasses in onyx), Paris, France

  • Moët & Hennessy LVMH (Rare cognac bottles in crystal), Paris, France

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