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The Brand

‘Les Ateliers Souchet’ create custom-made pieces - traditional and contemporary - for international actors in interior design and decoration, in the hotel, yachting and luxury residence sectors.

Souchet Inspired Woodwork is committed to the manufacture and creation of remarkable and durable furniture by preserving traditional techniques and know-how, as well as projecting these traditional artistic values on to our contemporary world. The company brings together the best craftsmen and the best workers in France to produce these truly exceptional pieces.

Achieving the exceptional means transcending the rules, pushing back the limits of know-how every day, and questioning with passion for over 20 years.

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Inspiration And Innovation

Proudly bearing the values of high standards, ingenuity and humanity, Les Ateliers Souchet mission is to bring an inspiring and innovative vision to their partners in order to make each piece of furniture out of the ordinary, from its conception to its finishing.

Shaking up the codes, going off the beaten track, this is the path that the workshop follows in order to achieve the realization of exceptional furniture. Because these pieces, apart from structuring the space in a strong and visual way, bring that little extra soul that reinforces the unique character of a living space.

Projects & Products

International projects:

  • Versailles Castle – « Antichambre du Grand Couvert » (Dining Seats), Versailles, France

  • La Réserve Paris ***** Hotel & Restaurant (Lounge Seats), Paris, France

  • La Maison des Centraliens ***** Hotel & Restaurant (Dining & Lounge Seats), Paris, France

  • Ponthieu Champs Élysées**** Hotel & Restaurant (Lounge & Bedroom Seats), Paris, France

  • La Mainaz **** Hotel & Restaurant (Bedroom Seats), Gex, France

  • Private Chalet, Swiss (Seats Furniture), Saint-Moritz, France 

  • Private Residences (Seats Furniture), Paris, France

  • Private Residence (Seats Furniture), Monaco

  • Private Residence (Seats Furniture), London, UK 

  • Private Residence (Seats Furniture), Sorento, Italy

  • Private Residence (Seats Furniture), Moscow, Russia

  • Private Residence (Seats Furniture), Doha, Qatar

  • Private Residence (Seats Furniture), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Private yachts (Seats Furniture)

More information:

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Francois-Yves Auger

Senior Trade Advisor

Design, Furniture & Home Decor

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Patricia Chung

Senior Trade Advisor

Design, Furniture & Home Decor 

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