Co-Founder & CEO - Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners

Sandy co-founded in the United States - and leads - Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel & Partners, an internationally known luxury interior design studio with a significant track record in the hospitality industry. Jean-Philippe and his team have worked for numerous boutique hotels, luxury/lifestyle hotels brands, corporate offices and retail brands. This includes the Iconic metamorphosis of former piscine Molitor in Paris and Grand Hotel Dieu in Lyon into hotels and cruise-ships for Le Ponant.


Not so long ago, she was a board member of large corporations and worked in finance. An almost perfect and fulfilling career trajectory. She relocated to New York City in 2011 and immediately delved into the entrepreneur life. What she loves most though is to rethink spaces. Let it be a hotel, a home, an office or a retail store, a space has a soul. Her job is to unearth it, to create infinite possibilities for this soul to express itself, and thus to turn any space into an organic, effective, and attractive place.


Sandy is currently working on the hotel of tomorrow and adapting the new hospitality values to retail transformation and workspace new environment.


To go a bit further, she graduated from both Business School of Burgundy (Master in Management) and The New School New York - The Parsons School of Art & Design (Degree in Interior Design).


She loves to dance.